The colourful people of Paris

Super nagandahanako sa mga shots :). *sigh* Now i’m dreaming again of being in PARIS ! I’m really praying I could be there someday. Who knows? Maybe later, IN MY DREAMS ! 😀

Morgan Rana Photography

Paris, often the people more than the place, has long been a photographer’s paradise. The colour and beautiful landmarks such as those in my previous post, Getting an Eiffel, often take centre stage. Equally delightful, are the little things. The hefty price tag for a table on a crowded terrace, is often a small price to pay for ring-side seats to the great people-watching spectacle. Great heroes of mine have often portrayed a romantic and exciting image of vibrant Parisian streets.

I thumbed through a book in one brasserie, which showcased the work of Doisneau, Bresson and Sieff among others. Paris Mon Amour now rests on my bookshelf, as I was so inspired by the images inside that I immediately bought a copy. Admittedly, I was a little disheartened that the images were so sublime, but I think it’s always good to be able to reference what you want…

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“Ang aking BG (back ground) picture”

Eto ang first photo na naisip ko na ilagay ko sa bagong blog ko na’to. Honestly, hindi ito ang unang blog ko, yung una na deactivate na ata? ( hindi ko lang talaga sure, kasi pag check ko wla na talaga. Nakalagay “could not be found” ) ‘Yung pangalawa naman di ko na mabuksan, kalimutan ko yung username at password ! PAK na PAK !!!! 😀 ayos ‘di ba? kaya wish ko lang maging ok etong latest blog ko at sana mahaba ang pasensya nyo sa mga kalokohan ko 🙂